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Re: Report for 'Debian Developer, non-uploading' applicant Laura Arjona Reina

also sprach Neil McGovern via nm <neilm@debian.org> [2015-08-04 12:32 +0200]:
> I would like to go to DebConf15, but I'm quit sure that I will not
> be able to go. Meanwhile, to keep myself dreaming and learning,
> I'm contributing in the publicity/social media subteam of the
> DebConf15 organisation team.

I know you don't need this extra information, but Laura has been
very helpful whenever she could. She's of the special type of person
that gets things done and doesn't get tired acquiring and
understanding new tasks.

Laura would be a great addition to our project. And I think we
should fetch her by helicopter for DC15.

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 to identify and eliminate from my systems. in the same way that
 gentoo gives those people a place to be that isn't in debian"
                                                    -- andrew suffield

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