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AM report for Hugo Lefeuvre

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I hereby recommend to accept Hugo Lefeuvre as a Debian Developer.

He has answered very carefully and accurately to all the questions I
asked him during the AM process, including the extra steps I added (like
reviewing a random package from mentors). Everything makes me believe he
has the needed skills to become a DD with upload rights.

Below are his ID and background.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

1. Identification & Account Data
- --------------------------------
   First name:      Hugo
   Middle name:     -
   Last name:       Lefeuvre
   Key fingerprint: ACB7 B67F 197F 9B32 1533  431C AC90 AC3E C524 065E
   Account:         hle

2. Background
- -------------
I was born in 1997 in Clermont-Ferrand (France) and currently live in
Lyon. I grew up with informatics and discovered step by step programming
(mostly Python, but also C++ and Perl), free software, GNU/Linux and
Debian. I installed Debian for the first time in 2009, two or three
months after installing Ubuntu. I had some technical problems so I came
to Debian for its stability (I was pretty young at that time).

I'm currently taking the Baccalaureate exam. Next Year, I'll study
Computer Science in Karlsruhe (Germany).

I began to learn Debian packaging two years ago. My first package,
kupfer (a desktop summoner/launcher) was uploaded one year ago. Since
this moment, I want to be more and more involved in the project. I
became DM in october 2014. Currently, I maintain 14 packages, and intend
to adopt 3 others (a list of packages I (co-)maintain can be found on

My decision to contribute to the Debian Project was the result of
several goals. First, I wanted to contribute to the free Software;
Debian was mostly the first *big* free software I discovered and the
free software I was using the most. So, it seemed logical to work on it.
Then, I wanted to thank the Debian community for its work. I wanted to
"give back" all what I learned with this operating system. Finally, it
was also a great way to meet new people and share knowledge, and, I'm
really enthusiastic about learning.

I came to the decision of applying to the Debian New Member Process at
the Minidebconf Lyon (~April 2015) by discussing with developers.
This decision was taken for mostly three reasons:

 * I'd like to be more involved in the Projet and my status (DM) isn't
   flexible enough to allow it.

 * I'd be glad to be allowed to contribute to the organisational life of
   the project (voting for the new DPL for example).

 * ...and, it isn't maybe a good reason, but I'd feel more integrated in
   the project as a DD.

Currently my work in the project is mainly related to Debian Packaging,
but I've also made a little translation work for my packaging team
(translation of the Python Apps Packaging Team's policy to french).

As a Debian Developer (and, more generally in the future), I'd like to
be more involved in these domains/subprojects:

 * tracker.debian.org is a project in which I'd like to help. Actually,
   I've promised Raphaël Hertzog I'll work on it as soon as possible.
   I should start to work on patches this Summer after my exams.

 * I'd also like to adopt new packages. I have time to maintain them and
   it's the part of the Debian project that interests me the most. For
   the moment, adopting new packages takes a lot of time because I need
   to contact my sponsor (Luca Falavigna). I also fear to busy him with
   my packaging work.

 * As a Debian Developer, I'd also like to help in the QA-Team (surely
   by working on orphaned packages).

 * Finally, I'd like to be more involved in the new py3porters Team.
   Time should permit it after my exams, this summer.

During the last year, I had the opportunity to work on a lot of various
packages. I've been confronted with problems which required a real
dialog with upstream and learned to deal with old packaging styles.

 * The packaging of Top (qtop package) for example needed a discussion
   with the upstream to define together the appropriate name for the
   package ('Top' was conflicting with 'top' sysutil). For almost three
   weeks we also worked together to try to fix Qtop's reproducibility
   I'm currently working with François Marier to uploaded the new
   version as soon as possible.

 * The packaging of python-rarfile also needed a big work as it was
   required to change the compression/decompression system to make it
   only depends on free software. It resulted in a new Upstream version.

 * fonts-stix (a package I modernized some month ago) learned me to
   deal with old/deprecated packaging style and allowed me to learn
   more about maintainers scripts.

I also done a packaging work within my team. It resulted in some Team
Uploads. ipy 0.82a-1 would be a good example.

I also needed to learn to deal with users and bugs. A good illustration
could be #785472, a grave bug discovered in one of my packages two weeks
ago. Bugs with my e-mail adresses can be viewed on the BTS[1].

During the last year, I also had the possibility to try to help on
fixing RC bugs (during Jessie's freeze). So I tried to submit patches on
and non technical topics (#731415 and #774918).

Concerning my non-Debian-related work, I co-founded a hackerspace in
Saint-Étienne with friends (Sainté openLab[2]) and contributed to the
free Internet service provider Illyse. When time permits, I also like
blogging on my personal website[3] and spending time at the Hackerspace
of Lyon (Laboratoire Ouvert Lyonnais)[4].
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