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Report for 'Debian Developer, uploading' applicant Graham Inggs


I recommend to accept Graham Inggs as a new Debian Developer, uploading.
The account name is ginggs.

 * Applicant background

My key was added to the DM keyring on 2014-04-12.

I started with Debian packaging when Motif was released under the LGPL in late 2012 and was involved with the lesstif/motif transition of over 40 packages in the latter half of 2013.
Since then, I have introduced some new packages to Debian; eclipse-eclox, doublecmd, modem-manager-gui, p4vasp and asic0x.

I have also adopted some old packages (dx, xmhtml) and refreshed some packages by becoming a co-maintainer (linsmith), submitting patches (rox), QA uploads (mtink) and NMUs (kterm, xmpi).

I am a member of NVIDIA packaging, DebiChem and DebConf16 Cape Town bid teams.

I recently requested to join the Python Applications Packaging team in order to adopt the wader package.


Andrew Starr-Bochicchio

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