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Re: Debian maintainers' ssh keys

On Sat, Jul 11, 2015 at 06:01:16PM +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Jonathan McDowell writes ("Re: Debian maintainers' ssh keys"):
> > There's no issue with keyring-maint changing to re-assign DM key
> > addition tickets to DSA once the key is added. My assumption would be
> > that DSA would then be responsible for closing the appropriate bug in
> > the BTS once the LDAP side was done (keyring-maint currently do this as
> > we're the end of the DM addition process).
> That sounds like agreement to me ?

It's agreement from a team who will be minimally affected by the changes
you are requesting in terms of workload. DSA will have to do more work
(and seem to have agreed to that, though not responded about the extra
BTS work), but also it will involved more work up front by the DM team.

> > There was previous discussion about generally improving the DM workflow
> > and getting it integrated into nm.debian.org so it's not handled via the
> > BTS and instead follows a more similar process to DDs (which could thus
> > include checks about the username being free or whatever else is
> > required). I'm sure Enrico would appreciate help from anyone who had
> > cycles to spare in getting that implemented.
> Was Enrico CC'd via one of these lists ?  I've added him explicitly.
> (I assume you meant Enrico Zini.)

I didn't add him because I know he's busy and has already indicated he
has plans to work on this at DebConf:


I'm also pretty sure he reads newmaint so would have caught up on it

> Does some document need to be updated ?

I believe the issue is more than just "let's update a policy". Enrico's
fine idea is to tie DMs into the nm.debian.org web infrastructure, which
will then mean things like username collisions will be better handled
(and when a DM applies to be a DD that information will already be
known). It will also move us away from the legacy system of DMs
submitting BTS requests for their addition.

I'll be at DebConf. I'm happy to discuss some more concrete ideas about
this there and potentially write code if I can be of assistance. I think
doing that would be much more beneficial than trying to shoe-horn in
some intermediate hack until then.

> Also, how will we grandfather existing DMs ?

That's a trickier question; we need a one off pass through them which
allows them to chose a username without it then conflicting with any
existing username or one already chosen by an in progress applicant.

[It may be I've missed something about username selection that means it
 would be easy to get it added at the DM signup stage, but without one
 of that team jumping in to comment I can't see how it would be done
 without using the nm.d.o infrastructure.]


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