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Re: Debian maintainers' ssh keys

Jonathan McDowell writes ("Re: Debian maintainers' ssh keys"):
> There's no issue with keyring-maint changing to re-assign DM key
> addition tickets to DSA once the key is added. My assumption would be
> that DSA would then be responsible for closing the appropriate bug in
> the BTS once the LDAP side was done (keyring-maint currently do this as
> we're the end of the DM addition process).

That sounds like agreement to me ?  Does some document need to be
updated ?

Also, how will we grandfather existing DMs ?

> There was previous discussion about generally improving the DM workflow
> and getting it integrated into nm.debian.org so it's not handled via the
> BTS and instead follows a more similar process to DDs (which could thus
> include checks about the username being free or whatever else is
> required). I'm sure Enrico would appreciate help from anyone who had
> cycles to spare in getting that implemented.

Was Enrico CC'd via one of these lists ?  I've added him explicitly.
(I assume you meant Enrico Zini.)


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