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Re: Advocacy for Ximin Luo


On Donnerstag, 19. März 2015, J\xe9r\xe9my Bobbio via nm wrote:
> I advocate Ximin Luo to become Debian Developer, uploading.
> I have collaborated on several occasions with Ximin Luo in Debian
> and in the Tor Project. I had advocated for Ximin to get DM status
> before and he has shown good care of his packages.
> Ximin is knowledgeable in many different programming language,
> learns fast, and knows both about teaching and learning. I would be glad
> to see him become a full member of the Debian project, including upload
> rights.

I was very glad to see that Ximin applied for DD and that Lunar advocated him 
so profoundly. Because when I've met Ximin a few times, I have found him to be 
very nice and knowledgable and appearantly doing great work in Tor and Debian, 
so my "educated gut feeling" is that he'll be a great Debian developer, so 

I just didnt feel like advocating him, as I've only sponsored an upload of him 
once and only follow his technical work from a distance, so I somewhat sadly 
didnt want to formally advocate him.

And now I'm just happy we'll soon (hopefully!) have another great developer 
formally becoming part of Debian! ;-)


(P.S.: I'm partly writing this mail also to state that it's ok not to advocate 
people...even when you assume these people will do great things.)

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