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Re: Advocacy for Donald Norwood

Hi everybody

El 18/03/15 a las 18:11, K\xe5re Thor Olsen via nm escribió:
> Hello,
> I advocate Donald Norwood to become Debian Developer, non-uploading.
> The current status of Donald Norwood is Debian Contributor.
> Advocacy text:
> I have the pleasure of working with Donald in the website team on the maintenance of the "Who's using Debian" pages.  Especially important in the regard is a now on-going audit of all existing entries to get them updated or removed.  After the initial procedural discussions, this process is being run by Donald.
> Kåre Thor Olsen (via nm.debian.org)

I am not a DD yet, but as contributor in Publicity and Website teams,
I've also seen part of the work that Donald Norwood is doing here and I
second everything Paul and Kåre said.

I hope he gets an AM soon and I'm sure everybody will benefit of him
being a DD.

I take this opportunity to say thank you to everybody who helps in the
process of getting people involved in Debian.


Laura Arjona

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