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Advocacy for Valessio Soares Brito


I advocate Valessio Soares Brito to become Debian Developer, non-uploading.
Advocacy text:

I've been working with Valessio since 2003 in many different fronts. It 
includes organizing the very first free software events in our hometowns in
2003, working together in a government office for a huge Debian installation
project, developping a former Brazilian Debian derivative (Debian-BR-DCC and
then BrDesktop) and working on a few Debconf tasks.

Valessio has been contributing to Debian for many years. He's a skilled digital
artist who has done lots of graphical work for both Debian and Debconf. He won 
the contest for Debian Squeeze theme, also for Debconfs 7, 9, 10, 11 and 15. He 
has also helped on Debconf videoteam many times on integrating video streaming,
social networks and IRC in fancy web interfaces -- it's amazing me that he's
always focused on making Debian more accessible to non-technical people.

In 2007 Valessio created the website debianart.org (being its maintainer since
then), a repository for Debian artwork and themes, which currently has more
than 700 registered users and ~2G of graphical work related to Debian.

Besides being a close friend of mine, I can truly say that Valessio is a very
generous human being, who's constantly willing to help new users and make the
Debian a better distribution.

He's currently interested in getting closely involved with teams such as Debian
Publicity, Debian Desktop and the recently created Debian Design Team.

Although I feel Valessio has already the technical skills for packaging, I'm 
advocating him to become a non-uploading Debian member, considering that his 
past contributions and his current goals are not exactly related to packaging.

Tiago Bortoletto Vaz (via nm.debian.org)

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