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Report for 'Debian Developer, uploading' applicant Andrea Colangelo


I recommend to accept Andrea Colangelo as a new Debian Developer, uploading.
The account name is warp10.

 * Applicant background

I met GNU/Linux in the mid ‘90s, when I found a Red Hat CD attached to a
computer magazine I bought. Since then, I have been a passive user of several
distros (Debian included) until I landed on Ubuntu, where I started to feel the
wish to give back to the Free Software community. I become Ubuntu Developer in
2008. At the same time I started to contribute to Debian as well, forwarding
patches, keeping packages in sync and uploading NEW packages here first. I am
quite proud to say that good cooperation among Debian and Ubuntu has always been
a crucial point of my work.

My interest for Debian has increased further in time, and now I want to be part
of this project as an official member. I maintain a few packages in Debian, and
my main areas of interest are:
- Python packages: I maintain python-roman (well, I ITA’ed it) and keymon, and
  co-maintain font-manager. I helped the pycentral transition with several NMU,
  I’m member of PMPT and PAPT, and wish to keep working on pythonic stuff.
- Quality Assurance: although I haven’t done QA work in Debian so far, I did
  several QA-related activities in Ubuntu, and wish to start working on this in
  Debian as well.

Interests outside of Free Software include Jazz music and Rugby. Above all, I’m
a proud foodie.


Kartik Mistry

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