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Re: Advocacy for Dmitry Shachnev

On Sunday, September 22, 2013 16:21:37 Andrew Starr-Bochicchio via nm wrote:
> Hello,
> I advocate Dmitry Shachnev to become Debian Developer, uploading.
> Advocacy text:
> I'm writing to express my enthusiastic support for the Debian Developer
> application of Dmitry Shachnev <mitya57@gmail.com>.
> I've reviewed many uploads for Dmitry, and I feel he possesses both the
> technical skills and knowledge of Debian packaging needed to become a
> Debian Developer. In fact, I've already granted him upload rights for a
> number of packages: mathjax, mathjax-docs, pymarkups, python-gdata,
> python-secretstorage, retext, and woff-tools. I've also observed his
> work as a part of the Python apps and modules teams, and I am confident
> that he understands Debian processes and knows how to work constructively
> as part of the Debian Community.

I don't find a way to do this via nm.d.o, so I'll pile on here.  I'm pleased to 
see Dmitry applying.  I've worked with him on improving the python-qt4 
packaging and getting pyqt5 into the archive.  He's been technically sharp, 
pleasant to work with, and willing to take on discussions with upstream when 
needed.  I'm confident he'll be an asset to the project.

Scott K

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