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AM report for Christian Hofstaedtler

I recommend to accept Christian Hofstaedtler as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Christian
   Middle name:     -
   Last name:       Hofstaedtler
   Key fingerprint: 7D1ACFFAD9E0806C9C4CD3925C13D6DB93052E03
   Account:         zeha

2. Background

   Fast forward a few years and I was doing software/driver development
   on Linux for work (already on Debian), then doing sysadmin work at
   various companies where I collected strong beliefs how operations
   should be done.
   I was briefly part of the Grml.org team, as you certainly know.
   My packaging efforts in Debian mainly center around system
   administration and deployment tools. I have some interest in having
   a solid Ruby platform in Debian, so I'm (a little) active on the
   pkg-ruby-extras tream.
   I don't have large goals in Debian, but I certainly want to improve
   on what tools are available and in what shape they are for system
   administrators. A focus area might be LXC, looking at it as a
   replacement for the OpenVZ investments I've made in the past.

Eugene V. Lyubimkin aka JackYF, JID: jackyf.devel(maildog)gmail.com
C++ GNU/Linux userspace developer, Debian Developer

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