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Re: DM application for Nick Daly

I strongly support Nick Daly's application to be a Debian Maintainer.  I
have had the pleasure of working closely with him in the last year on
activities related to the FreedomBox project, where he has made
significant contributions to the freedom-maker tool I created that we
use to generate installation images.  He has demonstrated good technical
skills, excellent judgment, and in all ways has been a great person to
work with.

It is my intention, publicly communicated at FOSDEM, to transition
freedom-maker to using Debian meta-packages to express FreedomBox
dependency information.  This will soon result in the upload of an
initial "freedombox" package to Debian that I wish to name Nick as an
Uploader for.  

Nick seems likely to package or co-maintain packages of other software
essential to FreedomBox within Debian.  

I hope we can eventually see Nick as a full-fledged DD, and heartily
support his application for DM as a step in that direction.


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