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Advocacy for Florian Schlichting


I advocate Florian Schlichting to become uploading DD.
Advocacy text:

Florian is a member of the Debian Perl Group since over a year now.
He was very quick to learn the written and unwritten rules and documented
and undocumented tools of Debian at large and the Debian Perl Group. In the
meantime he is (co-)maintaining ~ 150 packages and has touched many

In this 12+ months Florian has seen and done all aspects of maintaining
packages: updating to easy and complex new upstream versions, fixing simple
and RC bugs, dealing with users, upstream, and his fellows in the Perl
Altogether he is an important pillar of the pkg-perl group since many months.

I highly appreciate Florian's technical knowledge, his diligence, and care
for details (also in (a?) package(s?) outside the Perl group that I've
sponsored). He's always accessible, jumps in where help is needed, and the
interactions with him were always very pleasant for me.

Since a couple of month
- Florian has already started to "switch sides" and help others on IRC or
  review their packages very competently;
- I didn't find any mistakes in the packages he prepared for upload.

So I think it's about time that Florian becomes an uploading DD in order to
enable him to upload his own packages and those of other not-yet-DDs, and
I'm happy to advocate him for this role.


(Disclaimer: we're not using the DM concept in the pkg-perl team since it
doesn't really work for teams/co-maintenance.)

Gregor Herrmann (via nm.debian.org)

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