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NM report for week ending 2012-08-20

                  Weekly Report on Debian New Members                   

For week ending 2012-08-20.

New AM candidates
1 DDs are now 180 days old and can decide to become AMs: ;)

  Thorsten Alteholz <alteholz>

AM checks
17 processes have had no apparent activity in the last 30 days:

  2011-11-11 jmm      Jacob Appelbaum <ioerror>
  2012-01-10 pouelle  Nick Bane <nickb>
  2012-03-06 rmayorga Marvin Stark <marv>
  2012-04-29 bzed     Ondrej Certik <certik>
  2012-04-29 don      Alan Baghumian <alan@technotux.org>
  2012-04-29 geissert Peter Pentchev <roam>
  2012-04-30 sez      Ludovic Claude <ludovicc>
  2012-05-09 rmayorga Jonathan Yu <jawnsy>
  2012-05-28 stefanor Josh Triplett <josh>
  2012-05-29 rhonda   Christian Hofstaedtler <zeha>
  2012-06-10 reichel  Asias He <asias>
  2012-06-10 lfaraone Emmet Hikory <persia>
  2012-06-16 bubulle  Balint Reczey <rbalint>
  2012-07-01 lfaraone Barry Warsaw <barry>
  2012-07-03 rmayorga Janos Guljas <janos>
  2012-07-15 lfaraone Alberto Garcia <agarcia@igalia.com>
  2012-07-16 and      Andreas Beckmann <anbe>

5 processes have been on hold for longer than 180 days:

  2010-11-04 enrico   Joao Filho <eriberto>
  2011-06-20 lfaraone Ralph Amissah <ralph>
  2011-10-31 lfaraone Bertagaz <bertagaz>
  2012-01-25 and      Devid Antonio Filoni <d.filoni>
  2012-02-01 gwolf    Xiyue Deng <xdeng>

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