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Advocacy for Jeroen Schot


I advocate Jeroen Schot to become uploading DD.
Advocacy text:

I hereby advocate Jeroen Schot to become a Debian Developer. I have known Jeroen for nearly a decade now and can attest that he is a motivated, technically competent person and easy to work with.

While he has worked /with/ Debian for many years, since about year he has also started working /on/ Debian, and became a maintainer for cream, dpkg-awk, gawk, nullidentd, sic, ttb and wmctrl. I've been sponsoring his work on gawk, where Jeroen ensured that the new gawk 4 was uploaded to wheezy not too soon after its upstream .0 release but still well in time before the freeze, meanwhile employing a good relation with upstream. He's also been active in Dutch translations, an area where help was very welcome since Frans' demise. He's involved socially, attending a recent meeting with DD's and Debian interested persons in Utrecht.

Jeroen is not currently a DM because there was no need: there has been no trouble in finding sponsors for his work. Various other DD's have also been involved in sponsoring him. He wants to become a full DD with upload rights because he intends to work on QA/RC-bugfixing across the archive and because he wants to be able to vote. I fully trust that he will be an asset to the project.

Thijs Kinkhorst (via nm.debian.org)

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