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Advocacy for Jonathan Nieder


I advocate Jonathan Nieder to become uploading DD.
Advocacy text:

Jonathan has also been helping with dpkg from time to time with code,
testing, suggestions and bug triaging. He can also usually be found
all over the place in Debian related things, from “random” bug reports
included with patches (easily spotted when reading upgrade changelogs),
to general bug triaging or involved in technical discussions affecting
the quality and direction of the project at large, giving valuable
input, for example with things like debian-policy.

He's thoughtful, with attention to detail, not afraid to get his hands
dirty (with actual patches or reviews) in any part of the project or
upstreams, with a high signal to noise ratio (even if he might appologize
from time to time for what he might otherwise consider noise!), he's
patient, not subject to easily becoming irascible, respectful of others,
and humble. It's *always* been nice interacting with him.

Given the above, I think Jonathan would be a nice technical and social
addition to the project (if only to make it official :).

Guillem Jover (via nm.debian.org)

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