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Advocacy for Jonathan Nieder


I advocate Jonathan Nieder to become uploading DD.
Advocacy text:

I’ve met him personally at DebČevapćičiConf, but have seen him,
and talked with him, and wondered about his insight, and ability to
spot “a” solution (not always the one acceptable by the package main‐
tainers in the end, but usually good ones) in long threads or dirty
pieces of code, and in the end, once I discovered it, why the $word
he’s not a DD yet. I’ve not done too much on xz save some discussion
and sponsoring one upload, but from what I’ve seen the packages look
good as well. I think Jonathan would (and should!) continue to con‐
tribute just the same to random bugs as before, and as a DD, could
join the RC bug squashing more easily.

In short, the formal sentence “I agree that Jonathan should have
unlimited rights to upload to the archive, now, and be able to
represent the project” fully applies here.

Thorsten Glaser (via nm.debian.org)

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