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Re: Advocacy for Cédric Boutillier

On Mon, Jun 04, 2012 at 09:01:32AM +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:

> Of course, I meant to advocate him to become uploading DD. I don't
> remember seeing any field for that, but maybe it was due to lack of
> coffee. Or maybe one can only be advocated once per DD "type", and since
> terceiro already advocated him for uploading DD, I did not have the
> choice?

Ouch! This is (was) a bug. The template looked at the uploading checkbox
in the form to choose what to write. The field only appeared during the
first advocacy, and was hidden and blank otherwise. This caused the
template to say 'non-uploader' for all advocacies after the first one,
although what was stored in the database was actually correct.

I've now changed it to use the value of the Process object that is
stored in the database, so it will do the right thing from now on.

Thanks for finding and reporting the bug!



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