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AM report for Andreas B. Mundt

I recommend to accept Andreas B. Mundt as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Andreas
   Middle name:     B.
   Last name:       Mundt
   Key fingerprint: 938A5CEE1E290DE255D9AC98B01FEA84617B586D
   Account:         andi

2. Background
   Andreas says:

My (Debian-) computing career started about 8 years ago after
finishing  my PhD in physics. I started working with GNU/Linux and
followed various activities in the software community: My desktop
machine runs a free (coreboot.org) BIOS, and I tested and played with
the nouveau-driver early. On my laptop I installed Debian GNU/Hurd and
I convinced friends to use GNU/Linux and supported them when problems

However, during that time I was looking around for interesting stuff,
but I never decided to focus and actively  work on a project
(i.e. more than a few bug reports/fixes or testing reports).

This changed when I decided to give up my R&D job in an optics
company after 3 years because it was not satisfactory to me any
more. I need to do things I can really support. So I decided to teach
pupils at high-school (in Germany "Gymnasium", aged ~10 to ~18). To
teach as a physicist, I had to complete a two years training with
exams etc., which I finished early this year. I started teaching
mainly physics, maths and information technology 5 weeks ago in a
small village called Blaubeuren near Ulm, South Germany, (I grew
up around  Stuttgart, not too far from Strasbourg :). Most of the time
since I left my parents' home I spent in Aachen, Edinburgh, Innsbruck
and Munich).

Having followed Debian-Edu for quite some time before, I chose this
project some time ago to be the one I want to work and volunteer
on. For me, it's important that I use and know the stuff I am working
on. In Debian-Edu, I hope to fill a niche: I am working at school as a
teacher, I know (some of) the systems used there, I know the teachers
and their needs and complaints, but I can, on the other hand, discuss
the technical implementations with professional sysadmins and
developers. In the long run I hope I can run Debian-Edu at my school,
and maybe convince the LMZ
to use simply Debian-Edu.

As you might have noticed, I have been heavily involved in
implementing Kerberos in Debian-Edu and improving the ldap frontend.
As an alternative to lwat (which in my opinion is dead), I implemented
GOsa as ldap administration tool.

On this line I plan to develop a system for work groups at
universities or small enterprises: It should be easily maintainable by
a 'part time' sysadmin, but more flexible than the current Skolelinux.
I have contact to my former colleagues which are still in university
research, and I think if we can provide a Debian system like that it
would be great. (They set up their own system, copying /etc/shadow
to different machines more or less manually ...).
I talked with Michael Banck about this because he had the same idea
using GOsa and FAI to accomplish the goal. Perhaps some collaboration
is possible. A first start would be to break the skolelinux
installation up in pieces and clearly document the installation
(See: <URL:http://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2010/08/msg00037.html>)

Concerning packages, I do not work on many packages right now. For me,
it's important to have a association to the package I work on. The
idea is to take more responsibility for packages on the way (take over
packages needed in Debian-Edu, package new educational software).



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