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AM report for Praveen Arimbrathodiyil

I recommend to accept Praveen Arimbrathodiyil as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Praveen
   Middle name:     -
   Last name:       Arimbrathodiyil
   Key fingerprint: 084623DBEEAB39E671665CCA3EB46FBCE0C010D0
   Account:         praveen

2. Background

I started using computers when I was 13, we had PCs with DOS at school
and we had to learn gwbasic! I came to know about GNU/Linux via news
paper articles but I got to use it only when I started my engineering
course. We had Red Hat Linux 9 on our college lab systems with
monochrome terminals. I was system administrator of college lab by the
time I was finishing my 4 year course and I got to try various
distributions - slackware, suse and many more small ones. We had one
debian server too in the lab. I was attracted by the Free Software
philosophy and we started a GNU/Linux user group a foss event
(http://fossmeet.in) in our college. I volunteered for http://foss.in
and started organizing many small foss events and regular meeting of
Free Software User Group Bangalore. We always focused our advocacy on
students and got many contributors.

Free Software contributions:
I started my Free Software contributions via Debian Installer
Malayalam translations. We reactivated Swathanthra Malayalam Computing
(http://smc.org.in) and started maintaining translations of GNOME, KDE
and other Free Software. As a community we worked on all aspects of
language computing including fonts, complex text rendering, input
methods and other tools like spell checkers, text to speech systems
etc. We were part of Google Summer of Code in 2007 and I was a mentor
(students I mentored that year became mentors for the next year!). I'm
also helping with operations of Chamba Free/Open/Swathnthra/Libre/Mukt
Cinema Project (http://chambaproject.in).

Debian contributions:
I started maintaining lekonee-gnome, a word press blog client written
by my friend and colleague Kushal Das. I was always eager to try newer
version of GNOME and KDE and so I started co-maintaining
libdbusmenu-qt. I came to ruby packaging when I wanted to package
diaspora federated social networking software
(http://diasporaproject.org/) in debian. I was involved in many ruby
gem transitions to new gem2deb based packaging helper. I have been
giving many debian packaging sessions and helped organize many mini
debian conferences across India (http://in2010.mini.debconf.org/and

My main motivation in Free Software is the spirit of building things
we need as a community. Since I had so many things in my wishlist, I
knew I have to get more people if I want to see all of them become a
reality. So my motivation in contributing to Free Software is to get
as many of my wishlist items a reality by working with people who
share the same wishlist or at least some items in it. The reason I
chose debian over other distributions is its volunteer and
democratic/do-o-cratic nature. I wanted to spent my time with a
community that would be an equal partner with Free Software community
and I wanted my voice to be heard by the community based on my
contributions (not to be rejected by people who are in positions of
power, acquired by privileged processes not available to me).

In debian I would like to focus on diaspora packaging, getting more
contributors by organizing debian events and mentoring new contributors.

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