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AM report for Stuart Prescott

I recommend to accept Stuart Prescott as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Stuart
   Middle name:     -
   Last name:       Prescott
   Key fingerprint: BE65 FD1E F4EA 08F3 23D4  3C6D 9FE8 B8CD 71C5 D1A8
   Account:         stuart

2. Background
  I'm a physical chemist with a particular interest in the interactions
  between molecules and surfaces. My research involves numerical
  treatment of experimental data from neutron reflection, neutron
  scattering experiments and nuclear magnetic resonance experiments. I
  first played with GNU/Linux in 1996 when I was writing a ray-tracer
  like program to visualise atomic orbitals. I started using GNU/Linux
  more seriously when setting up some hosting facilities for a science
  student's society in 1997; over time, I came to realise that software
  freedom was also important to the scientific process as well, offering
  not only a fantastic set of tools but, more importantly, a transparent
  and auditable set of tools.
  I have been contributing to Debian for a number of years through the 
  maintenance of a variety of packages including latexdraw, ktikz,
  spline, pyx and pyxplot (as well as a few dependencies). I also help
  out on #debian and #debian-next, offering support to users, looking
  after the irc bot "judd" and a website to allow people to search
  through the channel's factoid database. I'm also one of the channel's
  operators. Since "judd" is a window into the UDD (which is quite handy
  for us on #debian), my work on that source code has drawn me into
  helping out with the maintenance of UDD itself.
  As for my future plans within the Debian project -- that rather
  depends on what itches need scratching. I'm currently working on
  packaging for pootle with the aim of bringing this
  localisation/translation management software back into Debian for
  wheezy. There are also a few UDD-related things that I am working on,
  and I suspect that continuing to improve our tools for helping users
  in #debian will remain a priority for me for some time.

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