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Re: DM application of Julien Lavergne (signed)


> Currently, I maintain the libimobiledevice stack,
> avant-window-navigator, awn-extras-applets, screenlets and synapse
> packages.

I've been Julien's sponsor for the libimobiledevice stack since day one
and, if I'm not mistaken, it makes for his biggest package group to date.

Over time, he went from being a good beginner to having a really good
understanding of shared library packaging, using the latest tools for
the job. His packages evolved to match the latest development in library
packaging and he evolved with them.

He handled soname changes, name changes, painful portability bugs and
follows upstream development closely. He's always been up-to-date with
upstream and pulled/pushed patches from/to upstream without any issue,
demonstrating a good relationship with them.

I'd also mention that libimobiledevice is now a dependency of GNOME and
he handled that well too, with good communication with the GNOME
team. Becoming a dependency of a heavy weight package group isn't
necessarily easy, especially with a moving target like the imobiledevice

Julien is working on both Ubuntu and Debian, directing his contributions
to Debian to have them flow down into Ubuntu, something we do appreciate
quite a lot nowadays.

I believe he is ready to fly on his own and actually needs it now.

I hereby support Julien Lavergne's application for Debian Maintainer.



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