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AM report for Francesca Ciceri <madamezou@yahoo.it>

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Francesca
   Middle name:     -
   Last name:       Ciceri
   Key fingerprint: A197 3520 49C1 BDBD A18E  763C DB68 6C92 D9D5 9F61
   Account:         madamezou
   Forward email:   madamezou@yahoo.it

   ID check passed, key signed by 2 existing developers:

   Output from keycheck.sh:
   zobel@marra:~/debian/nm-templates (svn)-[nm-templates:1231]-% ./keycheck.sh D9D59F61                                 
   gpg: requesting key D9D59F61 from hkp server keys.gnupg.net
   pub   4096R/D9D59F61 2010-10-06
         Key fingerprint = A197 3520 49C1 BDBD A18E  763C DB68 6C92 D9D5 9F61
   uid                  Francesca Ciceri (madamezou) <madamezou@yahoo.it>
   sig!         3BFB9FB3 2011-04-11  Luca Bruno <lucab@debian.org>
   gpg: NOTE: signature key 4E26A87D expired Sun 22 Nov 2009 12:46:42 CET
   sig!         797EBFAB 2011-04-23  Enrico Zini <enrico@enricozini.org>
   sig!3        D9D59F61 2010-10-06  Francesca Ciceri (madamezou) <madamezou@yahoo.it>
   sub   4096R/1524DE95 2010-10-06
   sig!         D9D59F61 2010-10-06  Francesca Ciceri (madamezou) <madamezou@yahoo.it>
   7 signatures not checked due to missing keys
   Key is OpenPGP version 4 or greater.
   Key has 4096 bits.
   Valid "e" flag, no expiration.
   Valid "s" flag, no expiration.

2. Background
   Applicant writes:
   I'm a 29 years old student in Sociology, quite new to Debian as I've approched
   it since two years as user and one as contributor. I chose GNU/Linux in
   general, and specifically Debian, as SO mostly for ethical reasons simply
   because freedom matters.

   I'm not a coder, and I've never studied IT so, the only way to give something
   back to the community it was - initially - fix errors in translations and
   start new translations.

   I work with the Debian website team since some months, mostly providing patch
   for validation issues, creating new page or splitting data from content in the
   wml source. I'm also a member of the Italian translation team, taking care of
   the website pages translation, and currently I take care, with Giovanni
   Mascellani, of the Italian translation of DPN, in which sometimes I contribute as
   For the Italian translation team I coordinate also the weekly "online
   translation sprints", focused to encourage people in contributing to
   translations and tutoring newbie translator.

   I'm a member of Debian Women project and I've organized, last December, the
   Debian Women IRC Sessions, with the help of Monica Ramirez Arceda. The
   sessions had quite success and I'm going to organize another round in the next

   I also take care of the events section of the webpage site as a member of the
   Events team: I volunteered for this job in order to revive the whole Events
   area of the website (see bug #601337).

   I really love work on wml, and I'm quite intrigued by Perl, even if I have not
   studied it yet.
   I also like publicity and communication work.

   In the future I'd like to continue my work in Publicity and website team, as I
   really like to play with wml (and I'm learning new things every day), and I
   think that there are many areas of www.d.o that could be improved.
   I'd like also to revive women.d.o: we - as Debian Women - have already talked
   about it in a meeting and there's a general agreement on a major improvement
   both in design and contents.

3. Philosophy and Procedures
   Francesca has a good understanding of Debian's philosophy and procedures
   and answered all my questions about the social contract,
   DFSG, BTS, etc. in a good way. Francesca committed to uphold the SC and DFSG
   in her Debian work and accepts the DMUP.

4. Tasks and Skills
   Francesca has a good understanding of the technical side of Debian.
   Francesca also answered my other questions regarding her special
   non-upload T&S without problems.

5. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept Francesca Ciceri as a non-uploading Debian Developer.

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