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Re: AM report for Iain Lane

Patrick Schoenfeld <schoenfeld@debian.org> (02/05/2011):
> [ Iain once wrote: ]
>     My motivation for applying for a DD is to continue with my current
>     work without having to rely on sponsors. I wish to keep on improving
>     the quality of CLI/Mono packaging in Debian, as well as contributing
>     to maintenance in pkg-haskell of those packages which are relevant to
>     my work. I also plan on helping with initiatives to reduce the delta
>     between Debian and derivatives where they exist, by education and
>     sponsorship.

That matches my recollection of Iain's work: to the point answers to
the (FTBFS) bugs I opened, which I enjoyed (already taken care of
upstream; upload timing taking care of pending migrations, etc.).

I'll be happy to see Iain become a DD.


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