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Re: AM report for David Prévot <david@tilapin.org>

Quoting Martin Zobel-Helas (zobel@debian.org):

> 5. Recommendation
> -----------------
>    I recommend to accept David as a Debian Developer.

I have been particularly pleased to read this AM report. I can "only"
confirm 100% what's written in it. David very quickly became a key
contributor in various Debian l10n and WWW tasks. He never hesitates
to jump in some obscure tasks (or some that require great commitment)
and improves so many areas in his favourite domains of expertise that
I can't even find *oneù example to give.

At this step of the NM process, I have to say that I really can't wait
until David becomes a DD. He deserves it...and Debian deserves to have
someone like him to be fully recognized as a Debian Developer.

My only fear is that he becomes so active in l10n that I'm not left
with something to do... I just hope he will leave me a few l10n NMUs
to do...:-)

Thanks for your work on this AM report, Martin.

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