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Re: Advocating Kai Wasserbäch <debian@carbon-project.org>

On Thursday 04 November 2010 07:14:12 you wrote:
> Auth-Key: nmauth5c4b60cd66826d170b56d7f04cd00d6b
> Applicant: Kai Wasserbäch <debian@carbon-project.org>
> Why do you advocate this person? (please provide a 5-10 line summary).

Kai Wasserbäch has been a member of the Debian KDE Extras Team for a while now, within that team he has taken responsibility for the package for at least the last 12 months.  During this period he has been responsive in answering bug reports, liaising with upstream and updating the team archive of this package and seeking sponsorship from the team for an uploaded when required.

I have found his packaging work to be of high quality and have been quite happy to sponsor his packages for the betterment of Debian.
> You are encouraged to take questions such as the following into account
> but you're not limited to answering these:
>  - How have they contributed to Debian already?

Yes.  kvirc packaging work is a showcase of his work.

>  - What do they intend to do for Debian in the future?

Yes. Kai intends to continue his work on kvirc and participate with the other developers on kde-extras.

>  - How do they interact with others, such as users and other developers?

Kia has worked well in the Debian kde-extras team, works well in the updates of the kvirc and sends suggestions to other team members.  He is also very responsive both with bug reports and engagement with upstream.

Kia would be a valuable addition to the Debian Developer pool.


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