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Re: Advocating Kåre Thor Olsen <kaare@nightcall.dk>


* NM Front Desk <recommend@nm.debian.org> [2010-11-03 19:56:17 CET]:
> Auth-Key: nmauthb2f90ae69ba24ebc90af9e8234170ca2
> Applicant: Kåre Thor Olsen <kaare@nightcall.dk>
> Why do you advocate this person? (please provide a 5-10 line summary).
> You are encouraged to take questions such as the following into
> account
> but you're not limited to answering these:
>  - How have they contributed to Debian already?
>  - What do they intend to do for Debian in the future?
>  - How do they interact with others, such as users and other
>  developers?
 Kaare is an extremely long standing danish translator of the website.
I'm not even sure wether he was already working on the website when I
joined Debian, or wether he came shortly after me, and I've been with
Debian since over ten years now. His dedication is really outstanding,
and I really would wish more people to have the energy for that long of
a time.
 I can't really comment on the quality of his translation work given
that I don't speak danish, but I don't recall any complaints, not really
even typo mails that come along every now and then for other languages.
I *can* though comment on a different aspect of his work: He does
translation work like I would expect it from more people - he does
proofread the english files and correct things he find in there along
the path, too. I really would hope to see this more often.

 Besides that, he also took up the work of processing the "Who's using
Debian?" mails on debian-www that for a longer time noone really was
looking after. He's the kind of person that does things because they
need to get done, not because they get you much prestige or recognition.
Unser Mentalitätsproblem hier in Deutschland ist, dass nämlich
hier viel härter geahndet werden als Personendelikte. Und an der Stelle
die Linke immer gegen die Rechte ausgespielt, immerzu.
        -- Hagen Rether über linke gegen rechte Gewalt

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