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Re: Advocating David Villa <David.Villa@uclm.es>

On Thu, Jan 07, 2010 at 08:00:06PM +0100, Francisco Moya wrote:

> He's been busy finishing his PhD and therefore he felt he wasn't ready
> to assume new compromises. Now he already got his PhD and wants to
> move on. He would like to be involved in package translations to
> spanish, and maintain some other packages.
> As a conclusion I can attest that David would be an outstanding Debian
> developer. He is a highly skilled developer with a deep understanding
> of the free software principles, perfectionist at work, user oriented,
> and with a wide exposure to Debian tools and policy.  He routinely
> works in open projects, in groups with different cardinality, where he
> either designs QA processes[1][4] or adopts the prestablished group
> process[2][3].
> [1] http://arco.esi.uclm.es
> [2] http://crysol.org
> [3] http://twinpanel.blogspot.com
> [4] http://arco.esi.uclm.es/~david.villa/pensarC++.html

Please see [1] at "Advocation in the NM process".

I understand David is a good upstream, but I cannot find much visible
Debian activity: he maintains 4 packages, but according to popcon they
have few users and little bug activity. Although those packages get few
bugs, there are simple open bugs with no feedback. On top of that, ows
looks essentially unmaintained.

David's competence and motivation are not in question: I understand
that he has been busy with his PhD and is just now on the comeback.
However, the NM process is now much more oiled than many of us are used
to. I would be able to give David an AM today, not three months from

So, unless I'm missing something, I would ask you to advocate him again
when he has effectively made the comeback.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2009/11/msg00005.html



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