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Re: Proposal: have NM and DM sign a package maintainer pledge

On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 08:34:40PM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> > Additionally, I don't see how such extension would make the pledge more
> > controversial: the fact that we need people to do RC-countering-NMUs to
> > make releases possible is clear evidence for everyone. "Hiding" that
> > fact when you ask people to declare their good wills towards the project
> > looks rather pointless to me.
> If you think in terms of "duty" instead of "good will", it gets more
> controversial. I worded this text so that the person signing it has a
> clear understanding of his duties with respect to the project.

I see your point now. One is morally obliged to fix "his/her" RC bugs,
but it is hard to define the scope of the moral obligation to fix the RC
bugs of "others".

So yes, I've no good solution to advance on how to word that and I hence
retract my proposal.

It is just a pity to lose the occasion to focus attention of newbies on
the fact that Debian needs more from them than just looking at their own
quarters :-/


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