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Re: DM application for Benjamin Drung


I support Benjamins intent to become a DM.

I worked with Benjamin on the GNOME-Colors
(arc-colors, gnome-colors, shiki-colors-murrine) and mozilla-pwdhash.

He (and Andrew, the co-maintainer) worked well together with upstream of 
gnome colors, claryfuing copyright "issues", optimizing the build-system 
and making Debian look better :)
The packages were clean and discussions about improvements were welcome 
and lead to even more imprevements.

For mozilla-pwdhash I had the pleasure to sponsor only one upload, so I 
cant tell as much here, but there were no problems and the package was 
fine :)

Benjamin is communicative (both, IRC and mail) and always nice to talk 
and discuss with. He is also active in #ubuntu-motu, helping users (and 
me *g*) to work/develop with Ubuntu.

Evgeni Golov

Bruce Schneier can read and understand Perl programs.

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