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I've just started a wiki page (see subject) to collect tips for AMs or

The first bit that I wanted to add to it was "Things to do before asking
questions from the templates", where I'd like to condensate some of the
things discussed during Debconf.

I've already added it to the wiki page, but then I thought it's best to
brainstorm entries here before putting them in the page. So here it is,
I'll take care of updating the wiki after the brainstorming:

== Things to do before asking questions from the templates ==

 1. Use http://ddportfolio.debian.net/ and the
    script to look for comprehensive Debian activity; if found, just ask
    about philosophy and very little of procedures.
 2. If comprehensive Debian activity is not easily seen, ask advocate to
    provide links to external or non-visible activity: maybe there is much
    more than meets the eye.
 3. If there is still something that you feel like you need to know,
    ask. Pick questions from the templates if you consider them useful. The
    more you find in point 1 and 2, the less is likely to be needed at this
 4. If no particular Debian activity is found and the advocate cannot
    provide good reasons for continuing with the application, soft reject.

Once we are done with this one, I'd like to do more: here is a list of
other tips page that I'd like to brainstorm then add to that wiki page.
Feel free to send me more, I'll add them to the queue:

 - How to advocate effectively
 - How to deal with unresponsive NMs
 - What to do if unsure about applicant 
 - What to do if unsure about the AM
 - How to go through NM quickly



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