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Re: DM application for Gürkan Sengün

Lucas Nussbaum schrieb:
On the other hand, finding sponsors for uploads that only fix RC bugs
should not be a problem. (If it is, then we are a bigger community
problem than I thought).

AFAIK he mostly searches his sponsors about IRC and previous sponsors, if he lacks to find someone for a upload he might mail (which does not happen) debian-mentors, I am very interested in sponsoring uploads which fixes RC bugs and I think I am not the only one.

While I've met Gürkan, and consider him a very nice guy that brings a
lot to Debian by maintaining packages that would otherwise be
abandonned, I don't think that he currently shows that he is able to
properly maintain the number of packages that he wants to maintain.

If he fixes his RC bugs I think it would be fine that he gets the DM status.


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