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Re: Debian Membership

On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 08:16:18PM +0000, Martin Meredith wrote:
> Sponsors etc I mean people who make a significant contribution to the project 
> via sponsorship. Say for example, someone who donates a machine, bandwidth etc. Not 
> someone who dumps a couple of $ across via paypal now and then.

And they can *apply* to become a member and don't become one
automatically, right?

> Again, with someone who is a Debian Maintainer, I'd assume their Membership to 
> be implied from this. If you got accepted as a Maintainer/Developer, then you'd 
> have membership to the project.

Ah, okay, thanks for clarification.

> I'm basically suggesting that, along with the current process(es) we also have a 
> process where someone can become a member without any upload rights. I'm also 
> suggesting that current Maintainers/DDs should have this membership implied from 
> the DM/DD status (which DDs already do)

That would probably lead to a lot more members and it seems to be a fair
idea. I still don't know if fully agree with the consequences in mind
but then I don't have voting rights now, so it's up to you. :)

Thanks for making it more clear!


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