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Re: Debian Membership#

On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 05:15:54PM +0100, Jan Hauke Rahm wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 03:10:38PM +0000, Martin Meredith wrote:
> > My suggestion to add to the NM process would be something along similar lines. 
> > We currently have a NM council, Front Desk, etc etc. I would think that it would 
> > be nice if we could add in a process where someone could get "hand waved" 
> > through NM based on a majority vote from an approved set of people (say FD, NM 
> > team, or something similar)
> Would you consider this addition to the NM process to apply for "other
> contributors" as well? I'm thinking about the translators who contribute
> a lot but don't go through NM because they don't want to deal with e.g.
> library packaging just to get the right of vote in a project that they
> extensively contribute to but just in a different way than most of the
> others. I'm asking because IIRC this is one of (or THE one) the special
> cases where a "membership without upload rights" (or whatever it's
> called) came up in the pre-lenny discussions. If they could get "hand
> waved" through NM we could abstain from a special group of "members w/o
> upload rights but w/ vote rights", couldn't we?

In my response, I was purely on about upload rights, but you address a good 
point. The whole voting rights thing.

In ubuntu, Membership is gained by showing contribution to the project. This 
gains the person voting rights (though I've only ever seen a member vote once, 
and this was for members of the CC)

In debian, Membership implies upload rights, which is another thing that I think 
that Ubuntu do well. Membership shouldn't be just for those that are DDs. I 
think that membership (which implies voting rights) should be available to those 
who provide a sustained contribution to the debian project. Whether it be 
through Translations, artwork, advocacy, sponsorship, package maintenace, etc 

In my opinion, there should be a distinct divide between being a Debian Member, 
and a Debian Developer. I'm pretty sure that there are numerous people out there 
who contribute to Debian in a significant manner, without actually doing any 
package maintenance.

Along with this divide, I think that being a Debian Developer (hereby shortened 
to the "defacto" DD) should imply Debian Membership. This meaning that someone 
can apply to become a Debian Member (DM)) without having to become a DD, but 
anyone who applies to be a DD should either be automatically granted DM status, 
or have to apply for that first.

I think that for Membership, a suitable board should be setup (or multiple 
boards, in the case of an overwhelming amount of applicants) that, if a 
concensus is met between them, would be allowed to grant DM status to a person. 
Either that, or a prospective member would have to get a certain amount of DMs 
to advocate their becoming a member, which could then become an automated 
process. DMs would also have the opportunity to raise an objection to someone 
becoming a member, at which point, it would then either goto the "board " for a 
decision, or require the applicant to find more advocates.

I don't think however, that this should be the case for becoming a DD. In the 
case of someone aplying for a DD, I believe that they should either have to go 
through NM as it stands, or have a "board" of people qualified to distinguish 
the applicant's ability (say for example, FD + DAM, or similar) "hand wave" the 
person through.

I also think that the current "Debian Maintainer" should stay as it is (though 
possiby be renamed to something like "Debain Code Contributor" (DCC), or work in 
a similar manner to the DM process suggested above.

Martin "Mez" Meredith

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