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AM report for Patryk Cisek

Report for new developer applicant Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>:

1. Identification & Background

Check with Keyid D86A66BA

ID Check passed, Key signed from several DDs:

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gpg: requesting key D86A66BA from hkp server subkeys.pgp.net
pub   1024D/D86A66BA 2004-06-14
      Key fingerprint = DC02 BED6 4639 13B8 17BB  6AEC 5EC4 2C53 D86A 66BA
uid                  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
sig!         EFC18770 2005-08-13  Pawel Wiecek <coven@vmh.net>
sig!3        D86A66BA 2004-09-08  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
sig!3        D86A66BA 2004-09-12  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
sig!3        D86A66BA 2005-03-26  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
sig!3        D86A66BA 2005-03-24  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
sig!3        D86A66BA 2005-03-24  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
sig!         FF1F7A5C 2008-04-24  Lukasz Jachowicz <honey@7thGuard.net>
uid                  Prezu <pdvd@interia.pl>
sig!         EFC18770 2005-08-13  Pawel Wiecek <coven@vmh.net>
sig!3        D86A66BA 2004-09-08  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
sig!         FF1F7A5C 2008-04-24  Lukasz Jachowicz <honey@7thGuard.net>
uid                  Patryk Cisek <patryk@dug.net.pl>
sig!3        D86A66BA 2006-02-20  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
sig!         FF1F7A5C 2008-04-24  Lukasz Jachowicz <honey@7thGuard.net>
uid       [ revoked] Patryk Cisek <patrykc@plusnet.pl>
sig!         EFC18770 2005-08-13  Pawel Wiecek <coven@vmh.net>
rev!         D86A66BA 2006-05-16  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
sig!3        D86A66BA 2004-06-14  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
sig!3        D86A66BA 2005-03-24  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
uid                  Patryk Cisek <102363@student.pwr.wroc.pl>
sig!         EFC18770 2005-08-13  Pawel Wiecek <coven@vmh.net>
sig!3        D86A66BA 2004-11-10  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
sig!3        D86A66BA 2005-03-24  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
sig!         FF1F7A5C 2008-04-24  Lukasz Jachowicz <honey@7thGuard.net>
uid                  Patryk Cisek <patryk.cisek@gmail.com>
sig!3        D86A66BA 2008-05-16  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>
sub   1024g/482F585B 2004-06-14
sig!         D86A66BA 2004-06-14  Patryk Cisek <patryk@prezu.one.pl>

Let's test if its a version 4 or greater key
Key is ok
Check for key expire stuff
Key has no expiration date set, nothing to check.

Applicant writes:

I simply felt in love with GNU/Linux when I first installed it and found out, 
that it's pretty easy to customize the software to your needs, simply because 
you've got an access to the source code! I'm not a kernel hacker, I prefer 
C++, especially using Qt :) Debian was not the first distro I've tried. First 
one was Mandrake. I also tried Red Hat (which back in 1998 was not very 
different than Mandrake). Well, I had problems configuring them both to work 
as a router for my neighborhood's network (I was a noob then), so I also gave 
Debian a chance. :) With it I had no problems, I just worked (Woody). After a 
short while I found out, that there's a strong comunity behind Debian (and 
open-source in general).

I stared contributing to very popular (in Poland) instant-messager: Kadu 
(http://kadu.net). The most popular IM in Poland is closed-source Gadu-Gadu 
program (http://gadu-gadu.pl/). It also runs only on Microsoft Windows. So 
there have appeared several open-source clients. Some of them are for 
unix-like systems. Most popular are EKG2 http://ekg2.org - console client) 
and Kadu (http://kadu.net - X11 client, based on Qt3). Kadu meets all my 
needs, so I've chosen it, and also started to contribute to it. First I 
started writing modules for it (plugins loaded as shared libraries). Some of 
http://kadu.net/~patryk/miastoplusa_sms/ - my first one. Allows to send text 
messages to cell phones via http://plus.pl gateway

http://kadu.net/~patryk/mbox_sms/ - similar to the above one, but for 
different provider

http://kadu.net/~patryk/mime_tex/ - My favorite. Here I used a code of John 
Forkosh's MimeTeX program to produce gif images with mathematics formula, 
which then can be sent as Kadu's message (was useful for me, since I wrote my 
master thesis in phisics and I often consulted my colleagues from college).

http://kadu.net/~patryk/powerkadu/ - This was a big one. It was not only my 
work - there were several guys working on it (it's SVN repo: 
http://www.kadu.net/svn/powerkadu/). I think most of the work in this module 
is mine - which you can verify browsing the repo's history (by login on 
kadu.net is patryk). The module grown pretty big, so we decided to split it 
to several separate modules (e. g. the above mime_tex).

http://kadu.net/~patryk/anonymous_check/ - It also was part of PowerKadu. This 
module is useful it strangers often bug you via Gadu-Gadu/Kadu. It searches 
the public directory (database of Gadu-Gadu users), looking for your 
interlocutor and shows you info about him. Helps you decide if you even wont 
to talk to him/her.

I'm also project's package maintainer for Debian and Ubuntu. In the past I 
kept the Debian and Ubuntu repos on kadu.net. But several months ago I've put 
the packages into Sid (well, ok -- my sponsor did ;) ). It's also been synced 
to Ubuntu.

In Debian I also maintain xlogmaster (which on the other hand should be 
retired and removed from the repo -- it still uses GTK 1.2 and upstream 
development is dead), xmms-musepack (already removed along with xmms). 
Recently I RFSed QTM:

Some time ago I started implementing plugin mechanism for Amarok. I also got 
some good feedback.
But it since I got more work with releasing Kadu, I suspended work on it. 
Probably I'll get back to it in about a moth or two (we're migrating Kadu 
from Qt3 to Qt4 -- a lot of work...).

You also asked why I volunteer. Well... because I love it. :) I love 
developing (I work as a software developer in Siemens R&D). And, since I use 
free-software without paying a penny, I want to give something back to the 
comunity, which I am part of. In Debian I want to maintain and package 
software (which often I am upstream author of).

2. Account Data

Account: patryk
Forward email: patryk@prezu.one.pl

3. Philosophy and Procedures

Patryk has a good understanding of Debian's Philosophy and Procedures.

He answered all the questions about Social Contract, DFSG, BTS, etc, in
a good way. Patryk has committed to uphold the Social Contract and DFSG 
in his Debian work, and accepts the DMUP.

4. Tasks and Skills

At this moment, Patryk is the maintainer of kadu and qnapi. Both
packages are in a good shape. His QA page:


He answered the questions regarding T&S without problems and provided 
patches and new packages for solving RC bugs:


5. Recommendation

I recommend to accept Patryk as a Debian Developer.



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