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AM report for Danai SAE-HAN

Report for new developer applicant Danai SAE-HAN <danai.sae-han@edpnet.be>:

1. Identification & Background
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      Key fingerprint = 2D93 53BF B3CE FFA5 31AA  4BF7 6436 4361 09F3 4024
uid                  Danai SAE-HAN (\xe9\x9f\x93\xe9\x81\x94\xe8\x80\x90) <danai.sae-han@edpnet.be>
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sig!3        09F34024 2006-11-10  Danai SAE-HAN (\xe9\x9f\x93\xe9\x81\x94\xe8\x80\x90) <danai.sae-han@edpnet.be>
sig!3        09F34024 2006-09-06  Danai SAE-HAN (\xe9\x9f\x93\xe9\x81\x94\xe8\x80\x90) <danai.sae-han@edpnet.be>
uid       [ revoked] Danai SAE-HAN (\xe9\x9f\x93\xe9\x81\x94\xe8\x80\x90) <danai.sae-han@stal.ac>
sig!3        09F34024 2007-05-16  Danai SAE-HAN (\xe9\x9f\x93\xe9\x81\x94\xe8\x80\x90) <danai.sae-han@edpnet.be>
rev!         09F34024 2007-12-17  Danai SAE-HAN (\xe9\x9f\x93\xe9\x81\x94\xe8\x80\x90) <danai.sae-han@edpnet.be>
sub   2048g/C2939C62 2006-09-06
sig!         09F34024 2006-09-06  Danai SAE-HAN (\xe9\x9f\x93\xe9\x81\x94\xe8\x80\x90) <danai.sae-han@edpnet.be>

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   Applicant writes:
I'm a 24-year-old Belgian student [a/s/l 24/m/Antwerp] with a legal degree and
am studying economics now.  I'm fond of classical music, more specifically
organ and piano music, Chinese calligraphy and cooking.

I started with an Amiga 600 when I was a kid.  Unfortunately, everybody else
had IBM compatible computers, so I had to buy English and French magazines to
get something out of my little exotic piece of equipment.  Here's where I 
learned the inner workings of computers.  Computer programming may not have
been my thing, administration of computers however was still in my league

With a shrinking Amiga community, I decided to try another operating system: I
installed StormLinux 2000, which had a very user-friendly interface, but was
still too technical for a child like me.

Therefore I switched to SuSE and Mandrake, up to the point where I tried to
install this famous distribution called Debian somewhere in 2002.  I was used
to nice installation GUI's, so the Debian installation (with the dreaded
dselect) was a challenge, but nevertheless I managed to install it.  And I
loved it so much that I keep using Debian today.

The Amiga community (like Aminet and Freshfish) had lots of freeware,
post/cardware, magicware and all sorts of other *ware, providing me free
entertaining games, utilities, demo's (small assembler programs to show off
your programming skills) and full-blown professional programs.  With Debian
there's the extra dimension of open source, allowing people free software and
the freedom to modify the source and to learn from other people's code.

I have a passion for typesetting and TeX, am familiar with the Chinese and
Japanese writing system and know a thing or two about Debian packaging.  Given
that there aren't a lot of people with this kind of expertise, I wish to give
something back to the Debian community and currently concentrate on the tools
to provide nicely formatted CJK documents.  At the moment I plan to take care
of the "cjk" package along with support for some Asian (DFSG-free) fonts in
the TeXlive system.

2. Account Data
   Account: danai
   Forward-Email: danai.sae-han@edpnet.be

3. Philosophy and Procedures
   Danai has a good understanding of Debian's philosophy and procedures
   and answered all my questions about the social contract,
   DFSG, BTS, etc. in a good way. He committed to uphold the SC and DFSG
   in his Debian work and accepts the DMUP.

4. Tasks and Skills
   Danai has a good understanding of the technical side of Debian.
   He is maintainer of a number of CJK-related TeX packages (sponsored by __).
   All packages are in good shape.
   Danai also answered my other questions regarding T&S without problems
   and provided patches for RC bugs.

5. Recommendation
   I recommend to accept Danai as a Debian Developer.

<Lo-lan-do> Home is where you have to wash the dishes.
  -- #debian-devel, Freenode, 2004-09-22

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