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AM report for Francisco García Claramonte

Report for new developer applicant Francisco García Claramonte <fgclaramonte@yahoo.es>:

1. Identification & Background

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Francisco lives in Albacete, Spain. Although he only has one DD
signature on his key, he has worked for a long time in Debian. He has
worked closely with with Fernandez-Sanguino Peña (jfs@d.o) and Kevin
Mcarthy (kmccarty@d.o) - In fact, both of them popped up recently in a
discussion regarding one of the packages they co-maintain, starplot.

I advised Francisco to try to get some more signatures; he lives in an
area of Spain where there are no other Debian people - We will surely
have time to meet face to face and exchange signatures in DebConf in

The applicant introduces himself as follows:

    My name is Francisco, and as you know, I am Spanish.  I have 34
    years old, and I live in a town called Albacete, in the middle
    east of Spain.

    I am a computer engineer, and I am working in software
    development, and system admin for 10 years. Most of the time I
    work with free software, and since 3 years I only use Free

    Actually I am working in a "regional" Free Software center
    ("regional" means statal or public) called CESLCAM
    [1](ceslcam.com).  We are working in free software difusion and

    I am a GNU/Linux user since 1997, and a Debian user since 2001. I
    use Debian GNU/linux in my personal computers and in some servers
    (web, mail, LDAP, etc) in my work place and in other companies.

    I am involved in Debian project since 2004, I maintain some Debian
    packages [2], and eventually, I use to help reviewing spanish
    translations (debian-l10n-spanish mail list [3]), and translating
    some document [4][5].  In most part of 2006, I was a bit inactive,
    because I had not enought free time, and at the same time I had
    personal troubles that didn't let me work in my Debian packages as
    I would like.

    My interest in Debian project is mainly that I consider it one of
    the bests software systems that I ever try.  So, I decided that I
    want to participate and learn more about it develoment and

    I started read a lot of documentation about Debian development,
    like debian polycy, developers reference, etc. So I decided to try
    with packaging.

    As I say, since 2004, I maintain some packages, they are:
    - Starplot. (One of my favorites)
      3-dimensional perspective star map viewer.
      I was the translator of the package. And the reviewer too.

    - Spacechart.
      Star map viewer and navigator.
      Now, this package is out of Debian archive, because it have
      a dependences with old gtk libs, removed from Debian.

    - Stardata-common.
      Common framework to manage astronomy packages.
      I am the upstream of this package too.
      I was working whith Kevin B. Mcarthy [6], and Javier
      Sanguino-Peña[7] in a stardata framework.

    - Gliese.
      A star data catalogues.

    - Yale.
      Another star data catalogues.

    - Lynis.
      security auditing tool for Unix based systems.
      Another one of my favorits. It is a simple package.
      Lately I am working too on it, because the upstream
      releases new versions frecuently.

    After this 4 years, I think I have learned a lot, and I know there
    is a lot to learn yet. But, it is still very interesting to read
    and learn more and more.  And of course, be involved in Debian
    project is an oportunity to work with great developers.  My
    interests in Debian project are packaging, and quality of
    software. One of the best points of Debian is its packages
    quality.  I am very interested in software documentation, for
    users and developers. From my point of view, this is another of
    the best points of Debian.

    I am interested in spanish documentation, and software
    translation, too.
2. Account Data

Requested Account Name: francisco
Email Address:franciscomanuel.garcia@hispalinux.es

3. Philosophy and Procedures

Francisco has a good understanding of our philosophy and procedures,
and answered to the questions in a satisfactory way. He agrees to
uphold the SC and DFSG, as well as the DMUP. We exchanged several
rounds of mail on this subject, and I can completely state that he
knows our documents and our philosophy well enough to play as part of
the team. I tried some tricky ellaborations, and he answered them

4. Tasks and Skills

Francisco is no newbie in Debian packaging, as he has maintained
several packages (via sponsorship) for quite some time. He currently
maintains five packages [1] (and has one, drgeo, pending for adoption,
with the previous maintainer's blessing, having performed two NMUs on
it), in very good shape.

Going over his T&S replies has been an interesting process. Although,
as expected, there were some precisions to be made - But I can clearly
state he has performed very well in this area.

5. Recommendation

I fully recommend Francisco to be accepted as a Debian Developer.

[1] http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=franciscomanuel.garcia%40hispalinux.es

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