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Re: DM application for Martin-Éric Racine

>> to all who think it is still needed to discuss the application and throw
>> bad words and other things towards other people: Please *STOP* it now.
>> There's no need to discuss it at all as DAM objected against Martin
>> becoming a DM.

>> Martin is welcome to join the NM process, nobody will stop him from
>> going trough it to become a DD.

> Honestly, why would the DAM accept him as DD when he doesn't accept him as
> DM?

There is no ultimate guarantee in that, as for anyone else doing NM. The
possibility is higher, as there is much more room to evolve in the process.

bye, Joerg
"Hätten die Affen, von denen wir angeblich abstammen, geahnt, dass durch
die Evolution eines Tages aus Ihren Reihen Politiker entstehen würden,
wären sie auf Ihren Bäumen geblieben und hätten niemals versucht den
aufrechten Gang zu erlernen."
(J. Sheridan, Babylon5)

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