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Re: DM Application for Andrew Ruthven


I have worked with Andrew Ruthven both on Debian (around the mythtv-status package)
and professionally at Catalyst IT.

Andrew has both broad and deep technical skills. Whether it is for git questions or
IPv6 troubleshooting, Andrew is the man. He is also one of the strongest Debian
advocates at our company and knows quite a lot about packaging and the different
Debian procedures.

When I initially approached him to package his mythtv-status project, I was surprised
to find that he had already packaged it for himself and that the packaging didn't need
much work to be up to the Debian standards. He was very keen on implementing my
suggestions and was very quick to fix all of the small issues that needed resolving.

Aside from the packaging itself, Andrew was also very responsive to user bugs and
suggestions (whether from Debian or the Ubuntu package that he tracks as well). He even
got in touch with another Debian developer to extend the molly-guard package and provide
ways for mythtv-status (or any other package for that matter) to integrate with it.

Andrew understands the job of maintainer quite well and especially the role that Debian
plays in the wider Free Software community. For instance, he has contacted upstream
developers of the MythTV project and pushed some of the patches that he has applied to
it as part of his Debian packaging work.

I have no doubt that Andrew will continue to be a productive contributor to Debian
and look forward to his increased involvement in the project.



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