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Re: DM Application for Martin Meredith


I have first dealt with Martin while working to get the Xdebug package into
Debian. He found my email on the ITP for it and asked whether I would
sponsor his package. After I told him that someone else had already built
and submitted an Xdebug package (which got rejected for licensing reasons),
he turned out to be extremely cooperative.

He offered (and prooceded) to:
- help out getting in touch with the upstream developer
- merge the two Debian packages
- organise a bazaar repository to co-maintain the package with the other
  packager and wrote instructions with a recommended workflow
- have a look at the php-xdebug package in Ubuntu (missing from Debian)

And before I even asked, he took care of making sure that the Ubuntu and
Debian packages be in sync by requesting the removal of the Ubuntu
php-xdebug package (LP#234960).

I found that Martin was very motivated and extremely responsive to
feedback. He took care of applying my suggestions to his package very
quickly and he even stayed on IRC long enough to discuss some things with
me, despite the considerable timezone differences.

I have also interacted with Martin with respect to the rar package for which
I sponsored a few of his uploads. There, I was impressed with how thorough
he was in search of the answers to his auto-building problems. He got to the
bottom of the problems, both political and technical. He has a deep
understanding of how Debian works and he definitely gets things done.

I am convinced that Martin will be a productive member of the Debian project
and I enthusiastly recommend that he be accepted as a Debian Maintainer. I
will be more than happy to sponsor the last uploads he needs to take care of
his packages.



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