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DM Application for Martin Meredith

Hi there.

I'm currently undergoing my New Maintainer process, and my Application
Manager has advised that it might be worth me applying for Debian
Maintainership in the meantime, to allow me to work with the Debian
system for uploads.

One of my Sponsors, Francois Marier (login: francois) has agreed to
advocate me for this (and also to sponsor the neccessary uploads to make
the package maintainable by myself) - I have advised him that he will
need to respond to this email on the list with his advocacy.

I am currently maintaining rar, unrar, katapult and xdebug within Debian
- and am working with Francois for uploads of symfony and ezcomponents.

If there is any more information needed for my application - please do
not hesitate to contact me.

I am currently an Ubuntu "MOTU" and hope that with this, and my packages
in Debian itself, It will be deemed appropriate for me to become a
Debian Maintainer while I am working on my DD application.

I agree to abide by the Debian Social Contract and the Debian Machine
Usage policy.

Martin "Mez" Meredither

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