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Re: DM Application for Martin Meredith

Thankyou for the advocacy Francois.

I've submitted a jetring changeset to the BTS. I believe that all that
needs to be done now is for me to wait and cross my fingers that noone

On Thu, 2008-06-05 at 23:26 +1200, Francois Marier wrote:
> Hello,
> I have first dealt with Martin while working to get the Xdebug package into
> Debian. He found my email on the ITP for it and asked whether I would
> sponsor his package. After I told him that someone else had already built
> and submitted an Xdebug package (which got rejected for licensing reasons),
> he turned out to be extremely cooperative.
> He offered (and prooceded) to:
> - help out getting in touch with the upstream developer
> - merge the two Debian packages
> - organise a bazaar repository to co-maintain the package with the other
>   packager and wrote instructions with a recommended workflow
> - have a look at the php-xdebug package in Ubuntu (missing from Debian)
> And before I even asked, he took care of making sure that the Ubuntu and
> Debian packages be in sync by requesting the removal of the Ubuntu
> php-xdebug package (LP#234960).
> I found that Martin was very motivated and extremely responsive to
> feedback. He took care of applying my suggestions to his package very
> quickly and he even stayed on IRC long enough to discuss some things with
> me, despite the considerable timezone differences.
> I have also interacted with Martin with respect to the rar package for which
> I sponsored a few of his uploads. There, I was impressed with how thorough
> he was in search of the answers to his auto-building problems. He got to the
> bottom of the problems, both political and technical. He has a deep
> understanding of how Debian works and he definitely gets things done.
> I am convinced that Martin will be a productive member of the Debian project
> and I enthusiastly recommend that he be accepted as a Debian Maintainer. I
> will be more than happy to sponsor the last uploads he needs to take care of
> his packages.
> Regards,
> Francois

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