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Debian Maintainer Application for Hideki Yamane

Hi all,

 Now I would like to apply for Debian Maintainer. Tatsuya Kinoshita is my 
 sponsor and advocate.

 Surely I agree to Debian Social Contract, Debian Free Software Guidelines, 
 and Debian Machine Usage Policy.

 As a package maintainer, I'm mainly packaging software for Japanese users 
 - fonts, message catalog and so on [1].

 And I'm doing debconf translation for 4 years, now I'm trying to translate 
 Debian Developers Reference to Japanese.

 As DM, I would like to contribute to Debian more, especially improve 
 Japanese Debian environment with DDs.

 [1]  http://qa.debian.org/developer.php?login=henrich@debian.or.jp


 Hideki Yamane

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