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NMU rules (Was: DM application for Adam Cécile (Le_Vert))

On 04/02/08 at 23:32 +0100, Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
> On Monday 4 February 2008 23:14, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> > This is a recommended practice, not a mandatory one. And in practice,
> > when processing a lot of NMUs, it is much easier to:
> > 1. contact the maintainer through the BTS
> > 2. immediately upload to DELAYED/n
> > 3. if the maintainer answers, cancel/delay some more the upload
> > Than to:
> > 1. contact the maintainer through the BTS
> > 2. wait an "appropriate" amount of time
> > 3. upload without going through DELAYED
> >
> > The result is exactly the same, and, FWIW, during all the NMUs I sponsored
> > to fix dash build failures, you were the only one to complain.
> Although this may be technically very sound and yield the same result, I do 
> agree that the signal sent by uploading to DELAYED/2 right away is quite a 
> different one from the second scenario.
> Not to discredit your very useful work, but I hardly see any reason why this 
> bug needed to be fixed two days later already. Of all the choices of the 
> delayed queue, 2 instead of 10 suggests some real urgency which I cannot find 
> in this bug.

2 instead of 10 simply means that there was no point in waiting 8 more
days for a trivial fix. Uploads to DELAYED can be delayed some more, and
I always make sure that I will be around at the end of the delay, so, if
the maintainer needs more time, I can delay the upload some more (which
happend in the case of dancer-services).

FWIW, to improve the signal sent to the maintainer a bit, I changed the
"template" I use when sponsoring NMUs to:
| Hi,
| I have sponsored this NMU, and uploaded it to DELAYED/3. Don't hesitate
| to tell me if you want me to delay it some more, in case you want to do
| the upload yourself.
| Thank you,

> Uploading to the DELAYED/10 queue has the exact same effect for you (no need 
> to come back to it) but allows for much more time,

Then why 10, and not 20?  I think that it can be safely assumed that
(when not in VAC) 99% of active DDs get a chance to read their mail at
least once every 48 hours, and send a simple message like "I'd like to
do the upload myself, but don't have time right now, please delay it for
a few more days".

And if they don't, the consequences aren't terrible: a fix will be
uploaded to unstable, and they can always make an upload later. That
only causes a bit more stress on our infrastructure.

Maybe we should write a DEP about "Recommended practices for NMU" to
clarify all this. Is someone interested in driving this with me?
| Lucas Nussbaum
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