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Re: DM application for David Paleino

Francesco Namuri <francesco <at> namuri.it> writes:

> I know a people that have the gpg-key signed by a DD
> (Andrea Mennucci <mennucc1 <at> debian.org>), he lives in Mazzara
> del Vallo (the city where David lives) but studies in Pisa,

Mazara, with just one z ;)

> he's my house mate in Pisa, Me too I've the key signed from
> Andrea and I've applied to become a DD.
> I know that this is not a normal procedure, but I propose it anyway...
> On these holidays my house mate (Giuseppe Benigno) can verify
> the identity of David and sign his key...

I already had some contact with Giuseppe in the past; we might meet in these 
holidays :).

I believe that I should increase my web of trust anyway, because for NM I can 
always send a gpg-signed identity document (I know it's a "last resort" 

> This can increase the trust on the identity of David, I repeat, I know
> that it's required the verify from a DD, I don't know if this can help.

Maybe :)
Probably we should wait for someone in the higher spheres to take a look at 
this thread :)

> David, if this don't help Iin anyway, we (me and Giuseppe) can
> offer ospitality in Pisa to permit a meet with Andrea to sign your  
> key... :)

Well, it won't be a problem, if you convince my parents to let me go (also for 
just a weekend) to Pisa to get my key signed! :)

> Cheers,
> francesco

Thank you for your proposal,

P.S.: I'm writing from gmane.org's web interface, sorry for any inconvenience 
it might happen :)

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