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Re: DM application for David Paleino

Il giorno Sun, 9 Dec 2007 14:50:37 +0100
Nico Golde <nion@debian.org> ha scritto:

> Hi David,

Hi Nico,
thanks for the quick reply.

> * David Paleino <d.paleino@gmail.com> [2007-12-09 14:34]:
> > I'm writing this to apply for Debian Maintainership. I agree with the Social
> > Contract, the Debian Free Software Guidelines and the Debian Machine Usage
> > Policy.
> > 
> > This mail is CC'ed to the debian-med@l.d.o mailing list, and to my usual
> > sponsors, so that someone can advocate me :).
> > [...]
> I have to admit that I need to go through old mails from you
> to judge if I can advocate you because I sponsored too many 
> people even if I remember your name pretty well I have to 
> check some RFS requests by again so give me some time please :)

Sure, no need to hurry!

> Anyway... Since I know that you have no DD nearby to sign 
> your key, is it possible to upload as a DM without a single 
> DD signature on your key?

I don't know; I'm aware that it's possible to send a gpg-signed identification
document (ID card, Driving License, ...), I hope this won't block my
application (as it did with NM).

> Kind regards
> Nico

Have a nice day,

P.S.: please consider that I might have delays in replying to mails; since I'm
at University and don't have a stable internet connection where I live.

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