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Re: Proposal for reform of the Debian membership process

> The total time it took you to convince the relevant people in Debian
> that you should be a DD was 301 days. Of those 301 days, you spent 4 and
> a half hours working on it (along with five uploads of your packages,
> and apparently a sponsored NMU).

I thought you spent 4.5 hours working on the application, but
otherwise you were doing regular packaging work in Debian.
So you spent 4.5 hours in total on Debian (plus five uploads and NMU)
for last half a year?

Usually, as I see it, DD's do like 100x more work for Debian, before
they became a DD. And that's what I like, that DD means the person is
experienced with Debian packaging. I don't actually see a problem if
it takes only 300 days to become a DD. It's only for people who really
want to do it.
Being DM allows me to upload packages immediatelly, while I am in NM,
so I don't see any other technical problem in here (there is one - I,
as DM, shouldn't be allowed to upload new source packages, but I think
I could be allowed to upload different binary packages, for example
when upstream releases libmesh0.6.2, instead of libmesh0.6.1 in the


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