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Re: Proposal for reform of the Debian membership process

On Thu, Dec 06, 2007 at 02:51:39PM +0000, Matthew Johnson wrote:
> On Thu Dec 06 15:29, Bernd Zeimetz wrote:
> > total time spent: 4hrs 29mins - that's not long.
> No, that's how long it _should_ have taken. Read down to the 'total
> amount of time waiting for other people: 301 days"

The total time it took you to convince the relevant people in Debian
that you should be a DD was 301 days. Of those 301 days, you spent 4 and
a half hours working on it (along with five uploads of your packages,
and apparently a sponsored NMU).

I wonder how much time your advocate, your AM, FD and the DAMs spent on
your application. If we're ending up with DDs spending more time on the
n-m process than the applicants working through it, that'd seem like
a bug.

Of course, waiting for other people to do things is a pretty common
state of affairs, in Debian and elsewhere. So maybe you should add a few
hundred days to your "time spent" on the grounds that your patience was
taken into account as part of the process.


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