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DM advocation for Adriaan Peeters


 I'd like to advocate Adriaan Peeters for DM status.

 I've been sponsoring his work since at least February 2006 on the
 rhythmbox-applet (now music-applet), computertemp, gnome-osd, and
 link-monitor-applet packages.  I've found Adriaan to be receptive to my
 remarks and he made the efforts necessary to grok the relevant part of
 the packaging processes.  Adriaan also maintains other packages as well
 (but which I did not sponsor yet).

 He has proven in the last sponsoring requests presented to me that he
 was capable of preparing quality packages/uploads, and we think he'll
 make good use of the DM status while progressing in the NM queue.

 As he already passed P&P during the NM process, I'll file a bug against
 the d-m package to request his addition immediately.

Loïc Minier

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