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Re: What i find useful about DM status

On 11209 March 1977, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:

> Selfishly, I would also like more experience working directly with
> debian infrastructure.  As someone who maintains infrastructure for
> other people, i appreciate what i learn from operating good machinery
> set up by smart folks.  Reading the documentation about this
> infrastructure is good (for all its foibles, debian's documentation is
> actually pretty decent), but using the infrastructure itself is a
> different learning experience.

Which means DM gains you nothing, as its nothing more than doing ftp
uploads of packages... Or did you just tell us you learn something new
by using ftp? :)

bye Joerg
However, given my track record WRT editorial changes to
foundation documents, people ought to be examining this draft
 _before_ the vote rather than afterwards :)

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